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Poster: Nemo_bis Date: Dec 18, 2012 2:05am
Forum: opensource Subject: Derivation failed from PDF: problems in ProcessJP2 Heuristic Resolution Analysis

I have this problem in some derivations from PDFs:
There are a bunch of errors like

Error (46495675): Illegal character <22> in hex string
Error: Failed to parse XRef entry [50].
Error: Object (50 0) is not a pageDict
Error: Failed parsing page 9 using hint tables
Error: Failed to parse XRef entry [246].
Error: Top-level pages object is wrong type (null)

and finally

median page size: 0.000 x 0.000
expected number of full-size images: 36
approx large-image size: 2549 x 3299

Module threw exception:
WARNING-OR-ERROR: [2] [Division by zero] [/usr/local/petabox/www/common/] [175]

Derivation failed!

Would setting a ppi value work around this passage in the deriver? Or do I have to fix the PDF itself (and how)?

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